Friday, September 05, 2008

'Round here.

We started our day like this. Like always. Snuggles in Mama's bed. Lay there 'til we think Fisher's diaper just won't be able to snuggle with us any longer before we start our day. Breakfast is after diaper-changing, and the rule I'm trying to implement around here is Once you have your breakfast don't ask Mama for anything else until she's eaten or else she will be grumpy.The kid still loves his lovey. Desperately. Give him the lovey, he inserts fingers, starts hugging that Monkey blanket.
Little girl vignettes. That little girl starts preschool on Tuesday. She got to meet her teacher yesterday. Miss Mary, please be wonderful to my daughter.

Alla loves to gaze at her garden. I'm starting to wonder how long said garden has left.
We are looking forward to homemade Pizza Friday.

I'm still shedding like crazy.

He has an incredible smile.
We had moo-moos for snack this morning (smoothies for those of you not in the know). Today: strawberry-banana-pineapple yum. She finished the whole thing sitting out there in her Diego chair before Carter + Canton came to hula hoop for a bit.Someone grew two-and-a-half inches since her birthday. Someone's pants don't really fit anyore. Wonder how long we have on those shoes, too, that are going on a year old. And still kickin', I might add, so I will be buying another pair in the next size up when the time comes. Great shoes. We're glad it's Friday. Alla's going to be super excited when she wakes up tomorrow and it's the weekend (movie morning!) and Dada doesn't have to go to work.


Sue Thomas said...

Love your morning, routine, j.j.!!!! Can't beat snuggle time in bed!!!

Megan said...

Wow that's a lot of inches since April. She's got to be ready for the same size as Jamie now. Funny they are a year apart and the same size. I also think Fish looks big. Such a cutie. I can't wait until next month!

Tara said...

Oh, how I love the weekends. Movie morning sounds like a lot of fun and something I think I should implement. I wish I had your morning today b/c ours was hectic - time outs and more time outs. :) Miss You

Heather Walker said...

I think I might start Friday pizza night too. We usually make it once week, but never on the same day. :)

Love the pics of the kiddos -- they are both growing too fast!

jody said...

I hope Alla likes Ms. Mary. I know Olivia did. I'll be anxious to hear how it goes!

Samantha said...

That's exactly how we start our mornings, too. And HOLY COW the shedding. Our bathroom floor looks like a barber shop every.single.morning. YUCK.

Amy said...

Oh, I love those shoes and I can't believe they're a year old! Hayden's wear out soooo fast. Maybe when he stops tripping so much?

What a lovely morning routine! I wish I could get Hayden to snuggle in bed. . . if we put him in there he just wants to play, not snuggle!

Katie said...

Can I come snuggle in your bed too...looks so cozy. (-:

Oh I need Wallis to make that warm granola, apple breakfast stuff again...for whatever reason your post made me think of it. Must be that feeling of warm and cozy I got!

pakosta said...

love your updates!

Norina said...

OMG you're shedding too? I swear I seriously can not believe I'm not bald yet! How is it possible to loose this much hair?

And I think your morning rule is a great one, totally gonna implement that one around here. The dogs better listen to that one too! :)