Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. We went to the Apple Farm on Saturday. The annual trek. OK, it's not exactly a trek, since it's like 20 minutes from home.

2. It's very hard to take pictures of your daughter while holding your son (even in a sling) who pulls the camera strap just as you're about to get your shot. Oh well. Little girl + apples = proof we were there.

3. More proof, thanks to Matt! It's always more fun to go apple-picking with friends. Unfortunately it was a mad rush to get family pictures because of wiggly kids, so I got pics of my family and Matt+Shelly got pics of their family, but we don't have pics of each other's families. Bummer. So you'll have to go there to see them.4. Do you know what I realized I LOVE about these photos when I was editing them? The interlaced hands of my children. Ah, sweet kids.
4. The apple crisp recipe I use. And we did make one on Sunday, and I did finish it. Yes, that yummy.

5. If I bring home just one more "green" book from the library I think Ron may look into having my library card privileges revoked.

6. Think Alla and I need to make these little ghosties.

7. Yoga class starts tomorrow night. It is very hard to find a yoga class that starts after your baby goes to bed. Even when said baby goes to bed at the early hour of 6:30.

8. Said baby has just woken up from his morning nap and is upstairs making all sorts of funny-cute baby sounds.

9. Little girl is at preschool this morning. I cannot wait to see what she brings home in her folder. It's like being a kid in school again myself. I get all giddy to see what notices are stuffed into her folder, book orders being tops on my list. OK, I am enjoying seeing her school work, too. Last week she brought home a whole page of A's that she had traced. ETA: She brought home a note stating that her school had a case of head lice reported. Perfect. I'm sure this is just the first of many of this kind of notice in her school years.

10. Had Fisher's six-month appointment yesterday. The little guy is 29.5 inches and 19 pounds, 3 ounces.


Sue Thomas said...

Too funny about the library card privileges, j.j.! If Ron takes your card away, alla will just have to buy more books from that book order sheet - lol! Enjoy your yoga class!!!!

Susie said...

Fun, fun family shots ;) I could use some- want to make a trip down to OhiO??

Marie said...

oh your family is just beautiful :)

NINETEEN POUNDS?????? I am hoping for a mere 14 for tiny charlie.

oh and i LOVE their hands. TOO CUTE!

Sara said...

I swear Alla looks more like you in every picture. Love the holding hands too.

Megan said...

Ok, is it me or is Alla A LOT longer than the last time she was photographed? So sweet those two holding hands. You all look so lovely.

Amy said...

Oooo, can't wait to try that apple crisp recipe! I LOVE fall foods. And what a great family picture. Love those smiles and those hand holds.

Wow, that is a BIG boy you have on your hands. Those were Hayden's 13/14 month stats!

Katie said...

Lovely pictures! How funny that Kelsea was just asking about picking apples with Alla last week!

Cathy Bolander said...

I love the family photos. You all look so nice. And your little guys is definitely not too little but oh so cute. Can't wait to hold him.

Stacy said...

What a wonderful family picture! I love that they are holding hands. That is so sweet.

I get excited over the preschool folder also. You just never know what they are going to experience in just a few hours. :)

Joey said...

Beautiful pictures of the whole family!!!! I always thought that Fisher looked just like his daddy, but I am starting to see a lot of Mama in that little guy.

JOD said...

What a wonderful picture of your beautiful family!
And how *sweet* that they are holding hands :)

Dre said...

You are such a beautiful bunch! Love the family shots! Your hair is so long girl! Alla is getting so tall right? Can't wait to see you! xoxo dre

Melanie said...

who knew? there actually is a child larger than my own as measured at their 6 month appointment. ;)

Norina said...

I can really see the resemblance between Alla and you in these shots! So fun!