Monday, September 08, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: The Sunday Edition.

1. Sunday was a beautiful day to walk to the park. Ronald is so Brad Pitt with his baby accessory hanging out of his back pocket.2. Fisher in his first-ever BOB walk.3. Alla being pulled in the wagon. Looking oh so cool, like a preschooler.4. We went to swing.5. And slide.
And yell at Daddy to slide down, too.
6. And see glorious Minnesota September skies. 7. But really we went to fly a new kite. Daddy is a huge kite-lover.

8. Really, I think there's not a lot that's better than flying a kite on a breezy Sunday afternoon at the park. 9. Well, maybe a wonderful husband is better. Unless you're three.
10. And if you want to make your own super wonderful kite just like ours on a nice breezy day, go here, gather up the supplies you probably already have, and in 20 minutes or less you will have yourself some equally fine kite-flying fun.


Susie said...

Today I see your face in Alla's- the one where she's coming down the slide- do you see it?
You both are just beautiful.
And the cool crisp sky reminds me that it's almost fall- I'm so excited!

JOD said...

How did Alla's first day of preschool go?

boo and stacy arnold said...

awwwwe what would we do without parks!

great kiting!

going back to see jj's face in the alla slide pic.....

Megan said...

When did Alla start looking a little too old? I mean really you can't slow her down either? I figured if anyone could slow their children from growing it would be you! It looks like Ron is having WAY too much fun with that kite. I love how Alla is chasing him.

Tara said...

Fisher is so big and I just want to squeeze him. Miss the MN skies - they are absolutely breathtaking.

Shaena said...

Alla has so much personality in your pictures. I love the MN skies...what I wouldn't give for that here in good old CA. Since I see you have the BOB stroller, have you ever heard of stroller strides? It's a great work out for mama's and you get to bring your kiddos with you. I love it! Take care!

Amy said...

Oh, that is a lovely Sunday! I love all those photos, especially Alla coming down the slide. Pure joy. And pure Mama girl (she looks so much like you!)