Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ten months.

Wow. How is that possible? That in two months you'll be ONE? I'm forgetting how one is still baby. Which is reassuring because one also sounds way too big. In this, his 44th week, we inaugurated our 44th president. The kid (oops, sorry, I meant, baby) is in love with avocado, banana, rice cakes, and pears. He ate a whole pear for breakfast. Devoured a whole banana today. Bananacado is a favorite combo.
Discovered a new trick today, where he balances on his knees for a moment, then lets himself fall backward. Luckily he taught himself this trick on my bed. He later learned that it was not as fun to do this trick on the less-soft carpet. Won't be encouraging or laughing at this funny business anymore.
He's my love. And he's hungry. So I must go and supply him with his evening rice cake.


Amy said...

He is such a handsome little man! We love you, Fisher!

Megan said...

Oh that last picture is so a daddy face! Happy 10 months little one. I love those big teeth.

Katie said...

Oh my gosh 10 months already! And look at those teeth!! Great photos!

Cathy Bolander said...

Cute photos. 10 months already. Wow! And thank god 1 is still a baby.

Sara said...

I love his sweater.

Marie said...

oh my goodness time flies. and seriously? he is SO STINKIN' CUTE.