Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ten on Wednesday.

1. It's that kind of week. Or maybe month. Yes, that's it. February will be better.

2. My son has seven teeth.
3. Real Simple had a great weeknight meal idea in their January issue: Rice Pilaf (yep a box of it) with browned chorizo and 3-4 scallions mixed in. That and some sliced roasted sweet potatoes makes for a yummy quick dinner. And Fisher loved the leftover sweeties.

4. It has warmed to 15 now.

5. Great January music: Bon Iver. I love this one, too. The guy's semi-local (WI). Wish I'd have seen this live!

6. I've faithfully taken a photo each day this month. I've uploaded thru hte 20th, which I'd say is as close to on top of it as this gal's going to get. This is the third year I've done POTD for January. There's no way I could commit to the 365 thing, but it's pretty great to compare Januaries of years gone by. I like the tradition.

7. January snow-play.
8. January bed-jumping.9. January Saturday reading.
10. January afternoons.


Megan said...

I love how Fisher is being squished in that last one. And you HAVE to be excited about it being up to 15. That's almost short sleeved weather! Gotta love winter. Great 10.

Cathy Bolander said...

I also love the pic of you & Alla. You look like you guys are really enjoying the outdoors & each other.

Melanie said...

holy teeth, fisher! whoa! we've still just got the bottom two. but i say - who needs teeth? ;)

Amy said...

Looks like a good January to me!

Susie said...

haha. I'm laughing at Megan's comment- someone told me when we moved here that we would be thinking 45 degrees was warm weather. And how true it is!

Glad to see you're making the most of all that cold!

pakosta said...

I did last year 365 from jan to about april. after that i stopped. but it was fun to have that much. there is NO WAY i could keep up with it all year. i could if my kids were babies, they just don't like me in their face with the camera every day anymore. not looking forward to when they are teens and i NEVER get any photos!!! LOL!
that dinner sounds YUMMY!

Katie said...

Holy-moley - 7 teeth? Crazy what a few months will do in the life of a baby!

That's a good idea about the POTD for a month. Although considering I've only edited one of Kelsea's birthday photos that's probably not a good project for me to try and accomplish

Nas said...

You have such a beautiful family!!!!

Sue Thomas said...

Love seeing your family photos, j.j.!!!!!