Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

I was a bit sad putting Fisher to bed on New Year's Eve, knowing the next morning would be a new year, 2009, no longer the year of his birth. So my loving husband hugged me and then told me to think of all the wonderful things we have to look forward to in this new year. And he is absolutely right. But before I share my list, I thought that a proper send-off for 2008 was in order:

And now, without further ado, I present today's Ten on Tuesday - ten things I am looking forward to in 2009:

1. First steps

2. Flip-flops

3. First Mama

4. Longer days (March 8 is right around the corner!!)

5. Easter eggs

6. Garden

7. Birthday celebrations

8. Running on pavement in a tank top and shorts

9. The return of Friday Night Lights

10. Getting our rings back from being cleaned and made to look like new, and then wearing my aquamarine Fisher ring with the new silver band Ron got me for Christmas.

Hope you are all having a lovely New Year and have much to look forward to!


Megan said...

I agree that I am looking forward to spring but not March 26. That I can wait for. However, I am looking forward to potty training and the big boy bed. I am too looking forward to running in warmer weather and longer days and all those birthday celebrations (I wish we were there for yours next week). Great 10, my friend.

Dre said...

great post. can you believe its 2009? i'm looking forward to our new puppy Wasabi coming at the end of the month; vacation with gene; dog beach; Barack's first year in the white house :)
i heart you!
xoxo dre

Heather Walker said...

Love the pic collage! At least you had 9 months of his birth year to enjoy...I only had 11 days of 2007 left after Kelsey was born - it was here and gone in a blur! Happy New Year, friend!

pakosta said...

LOve your list! i think i will do one today! check mine out later! hugs friend! you have a GREAT life huH?! lovely photos!

Samantha said...

I'm so with you on flip-flops and FNL!!! Not so with you on birthday celebrations. :(

Tara said...

great list - Happy New Year!!! March 8th needs to come sooner - that is my due date. :)

Sue Thomas said...

You've got a wise husband, j.j.!!! Ron is right, 2009 is all about firsts and things to look forward to!!!!!

Amy said...

Those are indeed wonderful things to look forward to in 2009! Happy New Year, my friend!

JOD said...

Love your picture collage!

Katie said...

OMG I'm so looking forward to #4 too! Of course that means Lorelei will be here..which I can't wrap my brain around right now!

Love that little college, can you come out here and show me how to do one? (-:

And there were lots of people running in tanks and shorts today. It was over 80 at the beach!! CRAZY!?

Susan said...

wasn't friday night lights AMAZING????????? i cant wait till this week's episode. love that show!!
and love the collage too :)