Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

1. No need to be sad about the slew of season finalers heading our way. Hello June 7!

2. I'm pretty sure that my diastasis is permanent. Go ahead, click the link. I'll wait. Are you back? Yes, there is a whole in my abs. Nice. Thanks, Fish.

3. Finally took down Fisher's birthday banner. But we still have two balloons flying high. At this rate they'll be around for Alla's party, too!

4. You know the weather's warming up when I find grass in the bathroom. From both kids. Because the rule in our house is "Shoes off, Hands washed" and even the littlest one is learning it. We toss his shoes by the door and then go upstairs to wash hands. He starts smiling, clapping his hands together, which is what he does to the soap once it's in his little hands.

5. Fisher is standing on his own for long stretches of time.

6. Tomorrow we get the ball rolling on replacing some of these original windows. I think this summer I might actually be able to see out of the front window - fancy that!

7. I am getting so much sunshine lately; some days I've even felt sunburned!

8. Fisher may be getting all four first-year molars at once.

9. On Easter morning, Alla comes in our bedroom and says, There's quite a lot of Easter stuff down there, you know, with her hand on her hip. So cute. She had no idea what to expect, having no memory of last year (who am I kidding, none of us remember last year since Fisher was only 4 days old). It was all new to her and everything was wonderful.

10. Lastly, some Easter shares. The Easter bunny brought Alla this fun twirly skirt, so she thought she'd run right into her closet and pair it with some red knee-highs and the stripiest shirt she could find, and that would be just the right outfit for finding eggs.Alla was amazed at the little baby goats at the zoo. They especially liked our sweatshirts, and then would stand on their hind legs against us, which is when Alla made this face and told me the goat "banished up on me!"Fisher was slightly amused by the goats all around him. Slightly.I think this is right before they "banished up" on her. Hee hee.I love this. My hands full of my two kiddos.


Tara said...

my diastsis is two fingers width - thanks Roe. i understand your frustration.

boo and stacy arnold said...

And Malyn left me one too! So sweet of them!

Love the pick of the three of you walking at the end. You are such cute mommy!!!!

Cathy Bolander said...

Ok... so sad for your belly but more sad that I have too much fat on my belly to feel those muscles to check if I have the separation. AARGH!

Love the pic of Alla's glee & what a cute fam pic. Just imagine how full your hands will be once you have 3 (if you have 3) :-)

Melanie said...

we still have a birthday balloon flying proudly as well. i don't think it will ever die!

Amy said...

Well, even with a hole in your abs, they still look fabulous (and so flat!). I'm impressed.

The petting zoo looks like such fun! Oh, and if our weather always moves East over to you, don't get too excited about the grass. It's been snowing for the last 24 hours (really) and is supposed to for 24 more. We've got a good 8-10 inches outside right now. Ugh!

Megan said...

I thought the "whole" was a given when you had big babies! I understand your frustration. I love your zoo photos, especially Alla's face with the banishing. She is so funny!

gabbyfek said...

ah yes
all 4 at once here, too.
and a giant hole here, too. ha.
i LOVE your photos.
those kiddos are so cute.

Katie said...

Um why have I never heard of that before? I'm too afraid to even check.

Oh and I'm totally stealing the "shoes off, hands washed." Mine goes more like, "take your shoes off, shake the sand out of them- OUTSIDE! Now go wash you hands. Kelsea, you can't touch your baby sister until your hands are washed..."

And OMG Alla's hair has GROWN!

Glad to see you guys had a nice Easter.

pakosta said...

I LOVE her in that sweater w/ the goats photos....she is so cute in it! LOVe that last pic of you and the kiddos! perfect! you are gorgeous jj!

Marie said...

hahahaha-charlie's banner is still up too! balloons gone though. just not ready to take it down yet :)

christine said...

those are the first words out of my mouth as well when the kids come in, "Shoes off. Hands washed."