Wednesday, February 10, 2010


In any home, the little kid gets the big kid's hand-me-downs. The good part about not having kids of the same gender (for Fisher, anyway, not so much for the parents), is that he at least gets his own set of clothes. For obvious reasons.

Everything else is already here, so why buy new? Why buy more? Case in point: watercolors. Look at those old cruddy paints the poor kid has to work with, while the big kid gets the fancy stuff.
I was about ready to give in and just buy the kid a 99-cent set palette, but then I saw his face.
And I realized, he doesn't care. A paint brush, water to dip it in (and consider dumping), and paper to show me whah I made! He's happy.
I will continue to clean up the crusty dried up colorful crumbs until he gets old enough to care. Or until the six-color palette goes on sale. Whichever comes first.


boo and stacy arnold said...

SO sweet! I love the early morning painting in pajama's!

Susie said...

Watercolor = bliss!

My girls love them some watercolors! The first set I handed over was a set I had inherited from a classroom teacher and I saw the price tag at like $15. I've never spent more than $1 or $2 on it's replacement! Is that bad? What makes the big one so much more?

Cathy Bolander said...

So sweet! My poor boys especially Jimmy get nothing new. I do try & at least get each a new shirt at least for his birthday! But I love their little faces painting. Very cute!

Amy said...

Oh, that face! He sure looks happy and very excited to be creating his next masterpiece!

Sara said...

Oh, We live in hand me down land as well. Poor deprived.

Megan said...

I guess I'm not getting the bad part of hand-me-downs. Jamie loves getting Mazie's things even if they aren't purple. She loves wearing something of Mazie's and seeing how it really irritates Mazie that she can't wear it anymore.

Susan Weinroth said...

ok thats it! we are now in need of some watercolors.... hehe, even tho evan hates crafts... these pics are adorable!

Katie said...

We are all about the hand-me downs at the Laughrey house. We even wrapped up some of Kelsea's old toys for Christmas and her Birthday! They are new to her, right!? It's the eco thing to do. :-)