Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Yesterday we ventured to Michael's for three things: frames, a bottle of red paint, and an iron-on patch. When we came out, the woman who'd been behind us in line offered me her extra Michael's coupon, saying that she realized she wouldn't be here the next week to use it. So, apparently she thinks that we go to Michael's once a week, coupon in hand. We don't, but now I know she does.

2. When we came out of Michael's, it was snowing, and by the time I got the kids in the car they had snow in their hair, having ditched their hats early in our shopping venture. I asked Fisher if he had snow in his hair. He said that he did, and would need a bath because of it.

3. For the record, we did not take a bath just because we got a little snow in our hair.

4. Shows Alla rotates between: Caillou, Dragon Tales, Dinosaur Train, WordWorld, Clifford, It's a Big Big World.

5. Yesterday I read Pinkalicious 4 times, Purplicious 3 times. To Fisher.

6. When Ron got home it was requested that he read them as well - start with Pinkalicious, then move onto Purple Dishes. Alla surprised all of us by taking over Purplicious and "reading" the ENTIRE book, start to finish, verbatim. That is some serious memorizing; it is not a short book!

7. Our library finally got the new Vampire Weekend. I'm #14 on the list.

8. It's 22 today. Just in case you're wondering.

9. Planning on a run around 5:30 this evening.

10. Between 8-10pm I feel like I just sit. I feel like I deserve it, but I just sit. Sit with the computer, sit with my husband, sit with the t.v., sit with dessert, sit with the laundry. What do you do between 8 and 10 p.m.?


Megan said...

Between 8-10pm I am catching up with my husband because the kids never let us talk as soon as he gets home and we get ready for the next day. You need to get Goldilicious to throw into the mix. It's as entertaining as the other two! Those are long books to memorize. There is really no reading with all that? She has memorized the entire book?

Missy said...

Doin the same thing JJ, the same thing.

Sara said...

The very same thing.

Cathy Bolander said...

I finish cooking dinner, eat dinner, do the dishes, make lunches for the next day & pack our bags for our next day. And then I finally sit down with my hubby to watch tv or to just catch up.

pakosta said...

between 8-10pm I am usually climbing in bed to read with the girls for 2 hours. except on tuesday nights, I am watching biggest loser between 7-9. and every other wednesday, I am at barnes & noble while the girls are in church (pick them up at 8:30) . and friday nights we usually play the wii or rent movies, so I am sitting somewhat then. So yes, we run run run all day it feels great to sit at night! although I am sitting here now having coffee and trying to muster enough energy to go do the 30 day shred jillian michaels dvd! UGH! I am on day #3 only! tara

jody said...

Between 8-10 I am still fighting with my "i'm not tired" child. So, I'm usually in a room very close to hers...either sewing or reading, or on the computer. I've had the exact same thing happen to me at Michael's and I thought the same thing...who goes to Michael's once a week?!?!? Maybe it was the same woman ;-)
Olivia watches the same rotation of shows as Alla! Lately though I feel as though she may need something a bit older? Of course, what is the next step? I dunno cuz she isn't watching Hanna Montana!!!
Thanks for the heads up that there is a new Vampire Weekend because I am out of it! Loved the last one though. See you tomorrow!!!!

Amy said...

I sit, too! Seems like a popular thing to do. . .