Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. An old friend forwarded me a recipe from Catherine Newman, who I'd lost touch with after the folding of Wondertime. I'm so glad to find her again, and am digging through all of her food files. Everything I've ever made of hers is Yum.

2. I have never roasted a chicken, but would like to.

3. It is getting awful close to Fisher's second birthday.

4. Suddenly he's noticing ABCs everywhere, and singing them, too. The poor second child has no completely intact alphabet puzzle to his name, however, so I put up a poster just for him. Then I checked that off the list, figuring he would just go about his day, and at least I could say it was there! But he really did go over and point to it and say random letters several times today. Score 1 for Mom.
5. We are eagerly awaiting a letter in the mail that will decide where Alla attends kindergarten next year.

6. A friend got me some body butter that has since run out but I'm hooked and must find more.

7. I love Shea Terra stuff, most especially the Shea Nilotica for my face. Super moisturizing, a little goes a very long way, and there's always a coupon code. Right now it's 30% off!

8. Fisher said this weekend, I love it when Daddy's home.

9. Which he certainly was not last week, all week, having gone on vacation to Puerto Rico. The nerve.

10. I'm kidding.


Megan said...

I have found at Costco you can get a 4 jar pack of that body butter! 4 JARS!! I would have gotten that for you if I would have seen it before I bought you the one jar. I love it too! And don't remind me how close it is to that boy's birthday because my boy's is just after. It seems to go way too fast since February is shorter. And roasting a chicken is so easy and it makes the house smell so yummy. It's easier than a turkey! Miss you!

Katie said...

So what are the big plans for big T-W-O?

Susie said...

I am going to steal your ABC wall in a frame trick. I've got a couple of cuties that can benefit around here ;) I love yoru mind!

Elizabeth said...

Always love reading your lists, J.J.! If Fisher is almost two, that means so is Charlie. It is so hard to believe!

jody said...

okay...so, which school? let me know!

Cathy Bolander said...

TWO! Yikes. And Puerto Rico. That's awesome. When's your vacation? Who did he go with? I'm off to a girls weekend in Cabo San Lucas in March. My 1st trip away. Nervous but excited.