Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: Birthday recap!

1. Birthdays are for surprises. For two year olds, who really don't even know what a birthday is, the whole entire day is awesome to plan because everything is special.

2. I left this gift outside his room so that when he woke up he'd find it, and as I'm looking at these I think I might be more happy looking at my daughter who is genuinely overjoyed to discover what this first gift is for her brother.3. His very own Mighty Machines DVD to watch on his birthday!4. The day before his birthday it was like 61 so they got to have marshmallows on the deck after lunch, which he then expected would happen on his birthday. Not so, with it being thirty degrees cooler. They settled for marshmallows anywhere.5. Birthday detritus.
6. The good thing about birthdays is that no matter who the gifts are for, both kids get to enjoy them.
7. Insert 5:46 pm official time of birth shot here. Mama didn't remember until six thirty-six. So I took this one.

8. And this one.
9. So I'll just choose one and put "5:46" on it, call it a day. Mama guilt sorta-over.
10. The next morning, Fisher opened the rest of his presents. Not sure if it's Fisher or Daddy enjoying the remote control recycling truck more?
We had a lovely birthday with you, Fisher Bisher:)


pakosta said...

how adorable! LOVE the pix!

Megan said...

I love his smile. Happy Birthday Big Guy!

Marie said...

Happy happy birthday Fisher!!!!

Cathy Bolander said...

Happy Birthday Fish! It looks like your family helped you give you a lovely day. And don't feel bad jj. You already do so much to make such sweet memories for them. Only you will notice the the not taking a photo at the exact time.

Susie said...

You sure know how to throw a party! Love their Matchy matchy jammies!

Amy said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate that special guy! Your kids are way too adorable! So fun!