Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Maybe this will just be a Ten on Tuesday blog?

2. The thermometer officially says forty degrees. Although our snowman is still hangin' on out there in the front yard, Alla told me yesterday that 'his buns-hons melted.' So sad.
3. So, the problem with forty degrees, if you can see a problem with it being a balmy forty degrees on March 2nd, is that at five o'clock I'm outside watching my children delight in the joys of puddles and riding a bike for the first time in four months, instead of making dinner.
4. I need someone to make dinner every afternoon at five o'clock, so I can be outside with my kids.
5. Fisher came into bed with me yesterday morning and when I asked him if he was my Snugga-Bugga, he told me, Bess mommy. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

6. Meet my handsome husband.
7. Doesn't he have a great smile?8. Both kids fell asleep at random times on Sunday. Fisher in my lap while reading a book to Alla.9. It was like when he was a newborn and so asleep that nothing could wake him and I could lift him up and watch his head fall to one side, while he slept on undisturbed.10. After Fisher's nap he gets to watch Mighty Machines, which is usually equally compelling for Alla. Not this one, I guess. I don't remember the last time she napped.


Megan said...

First I love those sleepy kids. I love that kind of napping too. I also love Alla's catchin' flies sleep! Ron is reading a great book. Does he like it?

Cathy Bolander said...

I hear you on wishing someone could come make dinner for me every night. And 40 degrees is warm for your parts. Must be great. And I LOVE that photo of Alla sleeping with Ron. And oh yeah... what book is it?

pakosta said...

haaaa love how they fell asleep!
Your photos are so crisp and clear LOVE THEM!
and yes you have one handsome hubby with a gorgeous smile!
I always love when you post! miss it when you don't! tara

Susie said...

ha! Ron's face in that last shot is too funny! Maybe you're wearing out the kids with all that puddle jumpin'!

(I'm glad you're here on Tuesdays!)

Sara said...

We just discoverd Mighty Machines and my boys LOVE IT! Love sleepy days, but I don't think my kids are capable of falling asleep unless forced to.

Amy said...

Oh dear, we have the same problem with dinner making. Now that it's warmer and light past 5 p.m. we want to be outside with Daddy when he gets home! Love those kids snoozing. I've had the same thing going on around my house!

Katie said...

Yah, I wish I was hope at that hour so the kids could play and I could watch them. :-)

Kelsea is napping right night...it's been at least a month if not more since she last took a nap. It's very sporadic (and infrequent).