Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Middle of the week.

We're full-speed summer this week. Monday, we all napped (me and Alla, snuggled on the couch, unplanned), then the last soccer game. Tuesday, beach all morning (there is nothing like spending the morning swimming in fresh water). Wednesday, run/bike, and don't turn on the A/C because it's so so amazing outside.

We're also preparing for our neighborhood garage sale to begin on Friday, culminating in our block party on Saturday evening. Alla told her friend Carter that it will be the awesomest day in his life. Probably.

We are consuming mass quantities of fruit: cherries, watermelon, nectarines, blueberries.

We have the makings of a great salad in our fridge, all ready to go: beans, marinating chicken, jicama spears, carrots, spinach, romaine, red pepper, cukes from the garden, a few eensy tomatoes from back there, too. Homemade dressing. I think I'll saute some red onion and garden zucchini, too. Ah, summer.

One of these days I'll get around to uploading new pictures from all the fun stuff we're doing. One of these days.


Cathy Bolander said...

It sounds like you're having too much fun to upload. Enjoy it. The pictures can wait & we will be happy to see them whenever they posted.

pakosta said...

can't wait to see all the pix!