Thursday, July 22, 2010

Soccer: Summer 2010.

This Monday marks the last day of soccer for the summer. Alla seems to be enjoying herself more this summer, getting it slightly, and, with some Daddy encouragement, even kicking the ball. She seems fired up enough to play fall soccer!

But, we still get some of this, where we actually have to remind her, sometimes mid-game, to get up. The ball's coming. Ha!What she truly lives for, though, is to play goalie. She rocks at being goalie. When asked what she's most looking forward to for soccer night, it'll most likely be a toss-up between after-game snack and playing goalie.
It's so hard to know as a parent, how much to do, how much to let them choose, how long to stick with it. It's so fun to think about what parts she'll take away, decide she loves, what she'll really be in five, ten, fifteen years. Which is why I have to document all the early years, all the little moments that will invariably add up.


pakosta said...

awesome pix!
go alla! I know, it's so fun to watch them become who they were meant to be. I am seeing more and more of who my girls will be, some parts I love, others not so much! ha ha! at 5, you like everything about them but by 10, they have a few habits or behaviors or personality adjustments that need to change UGH! gosh how I miss age: 5, it seems like yesterday!

Melanie said...

totally adore that photo of her sitting on the field. i'd be framing that baby. :)

also love that she thinks the post soccer snack is a great part.