Monday, July 19, 2010

Pink car season opener.

Yep, it was today. The day we charged the battery and pulled it out of storage (ok, by storage I mean the side of the house all wrapped up in a tarp) so the kids could ride it. You can always count on a 'new' thing to save you on a Monday.

There was some careful and some careless driving. Note the eyes not being fully on the road. And the passenger constantly getting out (at top speed!) to pick up sticks. The driver finally instituted a two-stick maximum rule.But mostly it was fun and games. I'm happy to report no major incidents. Not even a spat. We even put new batteries in the radio and Alla about flipped her lid when she started around the block and her beloved Adam Lambert came on. Her very favorite singer! In her very own car!
Later in the day, Fisher hopped in ("I'll just hop in," said he.) and drove down the street to pick her up at a friend's house so she could come home for dinner. She thought that was just fantastic!


Samantha said...

Ridiculous. :)

Norina said...

OMG this is like the best post ever! I am in love with them and the pink car!