Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Fisher: When we all done at the soccer field, can we pway at duh pahk?

2. Alla: You know, 5 is a big number, Mommy. It's very close to 10.

3. Fisher can be in the span of five minutes both the biggest monster and the biggest sweetheart. Read: bite your arm and then (when he's good and recovered) give you the sweetest kiss and tell you he loves the marigolds. Ah, two.

4. He woke me at 6:21 this morning. Why? Because it's Trash Truck Day, that's why. (Mental note: go to bed early on Monday nights.) I told that one to either go back to bed or sleep with Mama. He chose the latter and really tried his best for a good 40 minutes before he started playing with my eyes: Keep you eyes opened, Mommy! At some point he realized I was doing no such thing, so he, Lovey, and Glo-Worm crept downstairs and put a chair by the window to watch for the trash trucks himself. I was then asked to go move the trash can from behind my car where Daddy put it 'cause he could not see it and that would not do. Ah, two.

5. Alla's swim class is over for the summer. She could swim everyday, that girl just loves the water.

6. Before Alla was born, one of my nesting projects (completely unrelated to having a baby, of course) was to get my cookbook in order. Since then it's become a complete disaster. Add to that all of the substitutions to account for Fisher's allergies, plus a carb-count for nearly every ingredient, and the pages are just a mess. I'm slowly chugging away at a cookbook re-do, typing up a few here and there. It's quite the project.

7. Tonight is scrapbook night!

8. We are having our annual block party next weekend, and in conjunction, a block-wide garage sale! I've been a pricing machine and hopefully can unload some of our old stuff for a little profit.

9. With *her* portion of the profit, Alla has decided to purchase a pink guitar.

10. I've been greatly enjoying the food ideas on this blog lately!

Happy Tuesday!

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pakosta said...

fisher sounds so FUN and adorable!!!
I need to get my cookbook in order myself! ugh, lots of work! and since I am always trying new recipes, it's hard to have it put together! savannah informed me she wants all the YUMMY recipes for a wedding gift someday. I told her well I have a good 20 years to get it together LOL!