Monday, July 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. We had a little visit from my brother Josh and my sister-in-law Kyra for the Fourth. We had a most splendid time taking them to Snail Lake one day and Central Park the next. Kyra made us play Scrabble and kicked our butts, too. Well, mine at least. 2. Fisher woke at midnight on Saturday with the sniffles, then it seemed every 20 minutes thereafter. Sunday was rough as we were all tired and he'd developed a full-blown barking cough.

3. Sometimes I think they are either at each other's throats or in love with each other. When I catch them in love with each other, I make a big deal.
4. Haagen-Dazs Five? We love it. Lemon, Vanilla Bean, Mint, even Ginger!
5. Alla is busy catching things in her bug house as usual. This grasshopper, thankfully, was released. She tends to catch things, fall in love with them and want to keep them forever. Only she forgets, and then, oops, they die.

6. Speaking of green things, we've been enjoying home-grown peapods so incredibly early this year because of our early spring. We got to plant everything in early May, and now are enjoying it all. In fact, I ripped out the peapods yesterday cause they were all done! Sadly, Fisher went out back to pick some more today and was upset to find they were gone. We planted a second crop of seeds; we'll see how they do.7. Took Alla to see Willy Wonka, a musical, on Saturday with my friend and her lovely daughter. The girls seemed to just love it. The mamas loved the antique shopping afterward, and the girls got on board with that, finding their own little treasures. Alla chose a red vintage pair of toy binoculars.

8. I am loving The Hunger Games!

9. My sweet nephew turns one tomorrow!

10. Alla has learned to swing! Like start from a still position and pump her way into the air. She's giddy and wants to go to the park every moment.


Cathy Bolander said...

Glad you had a nice 4th & those peapods looks yummy!

Amy said...

So glad you love the Huger Games--I just told Samantha about it! And you'll be right about in time to get the 3rd one when it's released in a few weeks!

Great to see Josh and his lovely bride! Tell him I say hi!

Haagen Daaz Five--gotta try the coffee! It's my fav! I'm going to try the lemon next.