Thursday, November 18, 2010

First snow.

We woke up last Saturday to the first snow of the season! Luckily we were prepared with snow clothes already hanging in the closet. It was 6:53am when Alla popped out of bed, pulling Fisher with her and begging to go out already.
She literally ate snow for breakfast and then went out and played. Fisher was made to eat a proper breakfast.
It was a wet snow that soaked you, but she was excited nonetheless. I couldn't believe how quickly our landscape changed. One day we had trees still losing leaves, and the next it was a winter wonderland. A winter wonderland that will be sticking around for sometime, as our snow typically doesn't melt until about, oh, April. Ish.


pakosta said...

I love it!
brings back so many memories of being a kid in the U.P.
once my niece had snow on her birthday (may 12th) and CRIED because she wasn't able to have her party outside! they can get snow from sept to may!
have fuN!

Susie said...

I'm looking forward to Aprll, too, but probably for different reasons. That first snow is magical!

Amy said...

Seriously, we did have the EXACT same snow! Wet and heavy. Love the drops on Alla's face!