Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. One of my favorite food blogs, Dinner: A Love Story, has our 24 Days of Christmas number boxes featured today!

2. They also have a book. It's on my nightstand. I review all cookbooks from the library first, since we have so many food-things to work around here. I have now read it cover to cover and added it to my Amazon wish list.

3. Fisher's favorite thing to do lately is play sink. I love how babyish he looks here. And I love remembering how little Alla loved that activity so much, too.
4. Her favorite activity is art, always art. Always creating something. And always wearing a headband. That doesn't fit.
5. Daddy's favorite activity is worshipping his iPad.
6. I do not like how tall and big boyish he looks here.
7. Our favorite Thanksgiving book is Thanksgiving at the Tappleton's. Oh, three-year-old Alla would request that one night after night well after Thanksgiving. Hurry and get to the library before the big day!
8. Today's Thanksgiving tasks are done! Cranberry sauce is in the fridge, and dry ingredients for both Coconut Apple Cake and biscuits are measured out in baggies.
9. Friday the whole family went to Daddy's work to see How To Train Your Dragon. Fisher did great!!
10. One year ago today we began a three-day stay in the hospital when Fisher was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I am so incredibly thankful that we haven't left the house today, and that my sweet little son is upstairs sleeping soundly, healthy in his own bed.


Megan said...

I am thankful for all four of you! Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Love you!

Cathy Bolander said...

I am also thankful that Fisher is safe in his bed & love reading about your holiday traditions.

Katie said...

#10 - me too!

And I'm with Ron, the i-pad is pretty darn fantastic! :-)

Rina said...

Ok I literally busted out laughing when you said Ron was worshiping his ipad :). And though Fisher does look tall and big boyish in that pic he still has that baby back you just want to gobble on!