Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. This is unofficially going to become the Ten on Tuesday Blog.

2. While looking closely at his little arm one sunny day after lunch, Fisher told me that he had "fuzz" on his arm, and when I told him that was just hair, he told me he wanted the hair to "go bye bye."

3. We have a Thanksgiving menu! So now I'm making a grocery list and a schedule of sorts. Last year it was very simple, so we're trying to replicate that, but also add in the stuff we couldn't do last year since we were, oh yeah, just getting out of the hospital the day before. That.

4. I told Fisher he was my doodlebug, and he told me, No I'm not your doodlebug, I'm a boy!

5. He is doing great great great in school, we are so proud of him.

6. He asked a neighbor girl if she likes trash trucks. She said no. He was appalled. Alla then asked her if she liked princesses. She said no. Again, appalled.

7. We got a new mattress pad and oh wow were we missing out on some serious warmth with that joke of a hole-y piece of crap we had before!

8. Last Friday we had Pizza Friday at Pappi's! The kiddos LOVE going there and playing with Pappi. And shutting Mommy and Daddy in the closet, apparently.

9. Alla has learned all of her kindergarten sight words!

10. One evening last week, Fisher called us from bed and said, When I wake up, can I pay-aint? Super hard to be mad at that, I mean we don't want to stifle the artistic genius or anything.


Megan said...

Shutting parents in the closet? I'm interested on knowing what that's about! YAY Alla on the words. And Fisher can come here and paint with Jacob anytime.

Cathy Bolander said...

I would love to hear why you were shut in the closet. And Fisher sounds like a hoot.