Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Five.

1. Two days ago I ran in shorts. Tomorrow they're calling for three to five. Inches. Of s-n-o-w.

2. Monday I took Fisher on a field trip to the airport. We found a little field and watched the planes take off and land.
3. Mornings can be hard around here. We can't let Fisher sleep past 7:30 or he won't nap. We can't let Alla sleep past 7:30 or she won't get on the bus on time. So, morning snuggles. In our bed, in her bed, together. 4. I'm thankful for their love of each other.
5. Everyday in her folder, Alla brings home papers she worked on in school that day. Everyday the papers say the same thing, I *heart* Mom. I'm thankful for her love of me.


Cathy Bolander said...

I love that her papers say I heart mom. I hope to see papers that say that one day.

Amy said...

10 on Tuesday or 5 on Friday--I'll take it! :-)

Love her papers. . . that is so sweet. I miss you and your kiddos!