Friday, March 25, 2011

First sleepover.

Lest you think the firsts come to a close after the first three or four years, I have another for you: first sleepover.

Lily (the Bear) was packed into Alla's arms, and her Mystery Machine suitcase was loaded into the car for our five minute drive to her dear friend Leigha's house. Of course, Leigha. Leigha, who was Alla's first friend here in Minnesota. They truly hold special places in their hearts for one another. That Leigha. There wasn't a doubt in her mind that she was ready and thrilled. (I missed her, I feel that must be said. Her bed was too empty.) This was all the photo I could capture, she was so quick to begin the thing.Fisher didn't quite know what to do with himself. He said to her as she hugged him goodbye, Sleep good so you can play with me [tomorrow].

And then to me, with all that love in his heart, I'm really happy.

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Megan said...

I am still experiencing "firsts" around here too. Mazie just pulled her tooth all by herself for the first time this week! She's had to have help with all the others. Good job on the sleepover, Alla. And you too Mr. Fisher for being such a big boy while Alla was away!