Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring break activities.

The beginning of spring break around here was super exciting, let me tell you. I mean, little stuff like the library and an oil change really fired these kids up. So a mini-outing to our local nature center was almost over the top. Easy to please kiddos. This nature center is nothing special. I hadn't been since Alla was two, and it was clear that nothing had changed. No matter. She didn't remember it, and Fisher hadn't been. So it was awesome. Fisher busied himself with the doctor kit, giving shots to stuffed animal foxes.
Alla tamed an eagle.
They told me knock-knock jokes while I took their picture.
Apparently they were hilarious, because the next thing I knew, Alla was knocking down an adult-sized skeleton.We headed off to the carwash then, you know the kind where you get to stay in your car.

I tell you, they thought this was super-duper and asked to go again.

We didn't, of course, but I have that one filed away and we'll revisit it again. A pretty good thrill for $2.99.

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Marie said...

And i have promised to never take poor Charlie in another car wash ever again. Scared the living daylights out of him I tell you. He STILL mentions it every time we get gas...