Thursday, January 05, 2012

One more story.

One more 2011 story to share, a short outing from just before Thanksgiving, when, on a warm, snow-less afternoon we rode up the street to the stream.
Without ticks or mosquitoes to worry me, I let them roam free, exploring off the paved path. As this was the most freedom they have ever had out there in the "woods," without snow to even everything out, Alla soon decided to venture out on a lone fallen branch to see if she could make it across.Leaving little brother on a tree by himself. I was close enough to shout to him not to follow her. Alla did make it across, and I was happy to see her proud of this feat.So she crossed the stream, did a little happy dance, then went around to do it again.Unfortunately she found little brother stuck in that tree, blocking her way across the stream. No, she did not push him or try to pull him free, he managed to fall in all by himself, which is just so very three. Unfortunately for me, I had just put away my camera and was giving them the ol' five minute warning. But it's not a real stretch to see how that little boy went from stuck in the tree to stuck in the muck. He sobbed himself most of the way home, while Alla and I laughed our heads off.

I was pretty happy to get this one, though, before Fisher was wet. Love those two.

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Megan said...

I love that last one (maybe I could get a copy?). I could totally see Super Alla going across so fearless and Fisher watching in amazement until he falls to his doom. Sorry, Buddy!