Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. An adorable girl with an adorable new smile, after losing her first top tooth Sunday morning.(Thanks to her lovely father, who gladly knocked it out - kidding! Kind of.) 2. So that it may be noted for the posterity, this is how the Ice Cream Sundaes on Sunday tradition began. Fisher "bought" a coupon with his Halloween candy, entitling the entire family to ice cream sundaes, and he hounded me for months to get to it, already. So one Sunday Alla came with me to Target to get all the right sundae stuff and that night we dug into our first Sunday sundaes, and because they were so delicious, we decided every Sunday would be a good day for sundaes.

3. It is so warm today, Fisher and I went for a run and stopped at the park (to firefight) before lunch.

4. Since it's the last day of the month I am feeling very pressed to finish the book I'm reading. In other book-related news, Ron is going to be taking an Air Force class via correspondence, and has therefore declared the first hour after kid bedtime "reading hour," so he can dedicate himself to completing the class well before the allotted time. I am giddy just thinking of all the extra books I will get to read because of my studious husband.

5. Two days away from February 2nd, and I am realizing that I was too late requesting Brownie Groundhog and the February Fox, but this book is so delightful that we will read it anyway, just as soon as our name comes up.

6. I imagine Alla is having a delightful day at school today because it was "Lily Day," which her teacher would better explain as bring a stuffed animal, healthy snack, and good book to read-Day.

7. Tonight I'm looking forward to making and eating Sausage and Spinach Risotto, thanks to Amy! I'm thinking some variation on breakfast egg muffins for the leftover sausage.

8. The kids will be happy to hear that we have coconut oil again, so we can make popcorn. They were not a fan of popcorn made with "plain" oil.

9. Usually at this point, I have a full fall/wardrobe stockpiled for each kid for next year. I'm not too worried about Alla, she's finally reached the point where she can wear things for a couple years. But Fisher is already growing out of his 4T shirts, and would look better in 5T now, so what size does that make him next fall?

10. Sadly, a new hole has appeared in a pair of jeans that I've already had mended once. The hole has worn through directly above the stitched patch the tailor put in. So I'm going to have to be on the lookout for a major GAP coupon to replace them.


Megan said...

We've had to "help" a few teeth out too. And I would recommend the smalls in the "big boy" section. Jacob wears that size now (6-6x) and will probably be in them in early Fall too.

pakosta said...

what size miss alla in these days?
how old are they both now?
I can't keep up!