Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. This morning, when I'm encouraging Fisher to "Come on," he shouts back, "I was come on-ing!" Got it, Buddy.

2. One of the sweetest birthday gifts I received was a playlist made for me by my husband. I've been making them for the kids since their first birthdays, and last year made one for Ron. Waking up to my very own 81 songs was touching indeed. My husband rocks.

3. I finally ordered some snowboots last week, which arrived on a snowless doorstep. My husband also got me snowshoes for my birthday, so let's just say some snow would be nice. Not a couple inches but a major snowfall.

4. The family headed to Silverwood Park yesterday for a fun Okee Dokee Brothers concert!

5. Ron and I had date night for my birthday over the weekend (thanks Mom and Bob!), and we ate a delicious fireside dinner, had a bottle of wine, and then headed to the movie theatre to see The Descendants. Lovely evening.

6. Alla and I started in on the second Boxcar Children book - serious willing suspension of disbelief here. I mean, they are just going to live on an island for the summer?

7. I finally made myself a hair appointment! This weekend, I'm getting myself cleaned up.

8. As a kid, I loved me some Hawaiian bread, and as adults, Ron and I used to make french toast with it. When oh when will they make gluten-free Hawaiian bread?

9. Our delightful friends brought these flowers over on my birthday, and they have made friends with my new little birdie.10. My daughter worked so hard on these gorgeous beads to hang from my ceiling. You should have seen her face, she saved her gift for last. Love that girl.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm to the point that I would take a few inches of snow. All we get is wind, wind, and more wind. Ugh.

What wonderful, thoughtful birthday gifts you received : )