Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Yesterday morning the kids and I listened to a live webcast of the Caldecott, Newberry, and 16 other book awards. Then I requested all the ones we hadn't read from the library. I am giddy.

2. Saturday we had a date night in, and went with Trader Joe's fondue - microwaveable! The fondue, lots of dippers, and then their chocolate lava cakes for dessert - awesome, easy dinner date.

3. We also watched Ides of March, which we both enjoyed.

4. We actually got a few inches of snow yesterday morning, and both Fisher and I were delighted to go out and shovel and play in it.

5. Have I yet mentioned Fisher's love (obsession?) of Battleship? He gets to watch one show everyday, but since he fell in love with Battleship (on the iPad), he's traded that show for two games of Battleship. Every single day.

6. The kid also loves him some Chobani, now that he can eat dairy. Halleluiah!

7. One more love of Fisher's - he has many - steel cut oats for lunch. (Me, too.)

8. At the beginning of the year, the kids in Alla's class were all given a reading sheet to track the books and individual chapters of longer books that they read over the course of the school year. They were asked to set a monthly goal for themselves, by looking at the sheet to see how far they wanted to get (how many prizes they wanted to earn!). Alla wanted to get almost to the end, about 550 books/chapters, to the Teacher for a Day prize. As of yesterday she surpassed that goal, completed the sheet, and today RAN out of school at the end of the day, so excited to tell me she got a NEW sheet to start on, with new prizes!

9. The downside of her reading is that while she can set seemingly impossible goals for herself, and reach them, she cannot seem to grasp the concept of limits, which means that we will sometimes find her wide awake, reading at ten o'clock, two-plus hours after bedtime. And then she is exhausted the next day.

10. Fisher has made it through the letter S in the preschool book I made him in September. When Alla was in her first year of preschool they did a letter each week, which is the only way I knew he was capable of doing that, too. He looks so much littler to me than she did, but I don't want to be guilty of not challenging him, too, just because he's my baby. I'm so glad we started working on letters because I am so amazed at how just a little exposure each day, just a little practice, has led to noticeable improvement in his pencil grip and letter formation.

11. Bonus! It's a short week for us, since Alla has school tomorrow and then a four-day weekend. Oh how we love long weekends around here!


Megan said...

Wait. There's a bad side to reading? Just kidding, she'll figure out her limits and her needing sleep. Mazie was the same way. I love long weekends! Isn't it funny how boys are so interested in electronics and can play them well? Jacob's the same.

Elizabeth said...

I got to use you as an example of someone nerdier than me recently, hee hee... my librarian friend Beth was amazed that I had already picked up and read most of the Newbery honors after the announcement... I got to tell her my friend J.J. actually listened to the webcast live. Her eyes got really wide contemplating the both of us. ; )