Saturday, April 14, 2012


We spent Easter at Nana and Pappi's, so the day before, the kids got busy coloring eggs with Nana. That night, Ron and I went out for some dessert while the kids got settled into bed by Dear Nana, and what we saw the next morning was my favorite memory of Easter:
Alla realized after bath that she had Fisher's jammies, 3T - last year's Christmas jammies, as in, when he was 2. Well, I said, she washes all her laundry, folds it all, and puts it all away. And she also packed her own clothes for our overnight to Nana's. get what you get! It was hilarious. Luckily she prefers knee-high socks.
We got busy with the hunt, because the kiddos were already spying out the windows to see where The EB had left all the eggs.Easter was an early wakeup - 6:43am to be exact, and we don't do 6:43 am at our house. Seven o'clock has always been the rule, and in fact I usually have to wake them at eight on school days, so it continues to baffle me that on the weekends, and especially a holiday, those monsters are up with the sun.

Good thing about early wakeups is that by twelve-thirty, we were all ready for a snuggly nap. Alla and I laid in bed and read books until I could not keep my eyes open and then she kept on reading while I slept. When we got up refreshed, we headed to the park where the super wind was blowing, perfect for the little kite from her Easter basket!
That kite is tiny but it sure does fly!
It's always those windy days that yield the prettiest skies.

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Cathy Bolander said...

It looks like you had wonderful Easter!