Thursday, April 05, 2012

Celebrating four.

I am in an allergy fog, so while I could really just take a break from all non-necessities until about June the first, Alla's birthday is coming up at the end of the month, so we should probably finish up with Fisher's first.

We celebrated his birthday again once we were home from Pennsylvania, and had Nana and Pappi to join us. That kid was delighted at each and every gift he received. And Alla, she just loved sitting by her little brother and experiencing the surprises with him.This is generally the face he made, each and every time he opened something.

After awhile, this got Alla to cracking up, a pure joy I am happy I have captured for forever. They happily played aircraft carrier together. I love birthdays, especially these little kid birthdays, when they hardly remember the goodness of the last birthday, so it's all new, all so exciting to look forward to. I love how special they feel, I love for them to have a day that's just about them. It's wonderful. Happy Birthday my son.


Megan said...

His face is priceless and Alla's too! I love these birthdays for the same reasons. It's just magic.

pakosta said...

I had allergies soooo bad while we were in michigan that i finally broke down and took an Allegra, worked awesome! I didn't feel in a daze or fog at ALL, didn't make me tired, I felt awesome!
try it if you really are miserable, it was worth it! I don't like to take ANYTHING!