Monday, April 16, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Ron and I are super fond of watching This Old House.

2. Fisher has been waiting for this day for sometime. It's playdate with Rowan day! And Okee Dokee day!

3. Speaking of The Okee Dokee Brothers - if you are local, mark your calendars for May 19th! The Okee Dokees are celebrating their new CD with a release party at Father Hennepin Bluffs Park, right next to the Stone Arch Bridge. Be there!

4. One more Okee Dokee mention - we picked up a pre-release of the new CD at the show this morning and it's good. Really, really good.

5. In the middle of Where Things Come Back, and thoroughly enjoying myself.

6. Doesn't it amaze you how some people just love a book and then other reviewers just hate it? I don't get how far apart those reviews are.

7. This Friday is the last of the movies for the season at Daddy's work. This week it's The Muppets, and since we all know the soundtrack by heart, we're clearly excited to see it again.

8. Sunday starts the birthday celebrations for Miss Alla. She's opted for the Mall of America this year, maybe a few kiddie rides, maybe some lunch (if we can find some Fisher-safe food there), maybe some mini-golf, and definitely a new outfit for Lily.

9. Just got an email from Amazon that my book will arrive next week! Katherine, I cannot wait.

10. Glad to have this pasta salad back on the menu!

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pakosta said...

you have to read:

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton! so sooooo good!!!!!! I loved it a LOT! I could NOT put it down!!!