Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Enjoying my afternoon green tea.

2. I'm completely baffled by having to wake my children every school day at 8:00 (because otherwise how long would they sleep?), yet Easter morning they were shouting at us at 6:43 am, "It's Easter time!"

3. That early wake-up, however, did result in a lovely nap for me and the children by 12:30 that afternoon.

4. I'm also baffled at explaining the Easter Bunny. His "rules" don't appear as clear for me.

5. Saw the allergy doctor this morning for a full testing, and it turns out I'm allergic to all six trees they test for, outdoor molds, weeds, and dust mites. Awesome. I seem to be the perfect candidate for allergy shots. I had no idea shots are a 3-5 year time committment, though!

6. Alla is very affected by the Nie Nie story, which was brought up after seeing her happy family on the cover of Parade this weekend. She keeps asking questions, she keeps praying for her.

7. Alla completed all of her reading goals for the school year, so yesterday she came bounding out of school saying that 'no more prizes for me,' and nearly jumping up and down at the McDonald's certificate she got for completing her goal. The certificate says it's for a hamburger, fries, and a small soft drink. Ron read the certificate and told her what it said she could get, she said she wants her usual chicken fingers (well I think they're nuggets at the golden arches), and if they didn't have that, she could get a corndog. Ron was very happy with this conversation, as it clearly pointed out that our daughter has no idea what's on the menu at McDonald's.

8. She's decided on a family birthday celebration outing to the Mall of America where she can go on a few mild rides and then get Lily a new outfit.

9. I am very happy with our library for deciding to purchase Kelle Hampton's memoir, Bloom.

10. I have also requested they purchase Stephanie Nielson's book, so let's hope they get on that.Link

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