Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Funny how it's only the third full week of summer, meaning that Alla hasn't even been out of school a full three weeks, and yet it seems that school thing is but a memory.

2. So I think we must be living right.

3. I am not a fan of the pins I see on Pinterest which list "14 ways to boost your child's reading!" or "150 ways to enjoy the summer!" or "35 summer recipes" because, let's face it, I only need one good idea from each of those subject. So I just don't click on those.

4. The Olympics fun has started - swimming trials this week!

5. We hit up the library today and Alla read everything in the library bag at quiet time. Just goes to remind me that we are not done with picture books yet at her age, there are many more great ones to read before she decides she's too old, only now she reads most of them herself. Two great ones from today: Kate DiCamillo's Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken and House Held Up By Trees.

6. Those kids were wiped out after soccer tonight. Asleep in minutes.

7. I am completely hooked on root veggie chips, and when Costco has them it is heaven for me!

8. Fisher is hooked on the Magic Tree House books. We are up to number 8.

9. Super excited about taking the kids to Duluth next week.

10. This weekend...The BLOCK Party!!


jody said...

Didn't see you at the farmer's market today :( I also love root veggie chips, but I saw an article that said they are actually no better for you than regular ole chips, which was a big bummer. I still like them better! We need to figure out a time for a playdate before summer is over!!!!

pakosta said...

why are you heading to Duluth!?
everyone from my hometown in upper MI shop there because of the no tax on clothing thing>
I personally love all the ideas on summer etc. but get too exhausted and worn out thinking of doing them all!