Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Where is the summer going? It's the third week of June!

2. Today we spent quiet time at the beach. BIG mistake. My kids will never again miss quiet time.

3. BUT. The beach was so so lovely, and the time spent there was just splendid - breezy, hot, cool water, and Fisher said, "That was fun!" so matter-of-factly on the way back to our blanket that it was worth it. Until we got to just before dinner time and kid number one just started the descent.

4. We are on the last episode of Breaking Bad, Season Three.

5. I am immensely enjoying By the Iowa Sea, in the same manner that I enjoy Gary D. Schmidt's books.

6. I'm pretty sure that Ron had a nice Father's Day. I'm definitely sure that Alla had a nice Father's Day.

 7. And Fisher, too.
8. Does anyone else need about two more hours in the day?

9. Thank you, Pinterest, for the crockpot rotisserie chicken recipe. Gobble, gobble.

10. My lovely neighbor friend went to the farmer's market this evening and won a whole basket of goodness, after, of course, they had already bought bags and bags of produce! Since she is so kind and generous, she brought over tons of stuff for me to choose from. I had to restrain myself, I didn't want it to go bad! I felt very blessed, since it was way too hot for me to drag the kids through the farmer's market myself this afternoon. Thank you, Kerry!


Amy said...

This is our last week of school, then summer starts. Why does Cali go so late?!?! Although with the June Gloom, it hardly feels like summer. I guess since we get it the other 11 months of the year I can't complain, but I'm jealous of your beach day!

Love Ron's car! I'm so behind on your blog -- gotta go catch up! Miss you!

Megan said...

I hate the descent in the kids when there is no quiet time. Sometimes it's worth it but mostly not. Yay for great neighbors!