Thursday, June 14, 2012

First/Last Day: Alla.

Alla's turn. Thankfully, I don't see too much difference between September and June. Three more teeth lost. A very determined effort to grow out her short haircut from last summer.
That girl is a reader. She would stay up for hours each night with her nose in a book if we let her. And she doesn't get tired! She doesn't wake up hours later with the book on her face, like her mama.

Hard to believe in three short months she'll be a second grader.


Elizabeth said...

I'm always a little sad that Alla and Gracie can't live on the same block! Back to that "build your own neighborhood" dream again...

Cathy Bolander said...

Love her hair longer & you're right she doesn't look much older. Just as cute as the 1st day of school.

pakosta said...

I think she looks way older to me!
not sure what it is, but prob. the longer hair and the confidence in the 2nd picture!
love that she is a reader, mine were that way up until this year, now all they want to do is play SIMS on the computer, may have to take that away from them LOL!