Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Now that Spring Break, current round of spring colds, and a lovely boy's 5th birthday are done, I think we can get back to normal around here. Until a lovely girl turns 8 at the end of the month. 5 and 8? Really?

2. That lovely boy is going to be a Ringbearer this summer, and, as you would expect, he is looking forward to wearing a BEAR SUIT for the occasion. What, this isn't the traditional garb for a Ringbearer? Well, it is for a "RingBEAR." We might have to notify the bride.

3. There is still loads of snow on the ground, but we've had a few days here and there with more spring like temperatures. We are looking for robin who might want to nest here, watching the trees for buds to shoot out, and, my favorite sign of spring, smiling at honking geese as they come back from their long winter break.

4. Speaking of looking to spring endeavors, I'm looking forward to growing sweet potatoes, partly because we love sweet potatoes, and partly because it's one of my favorite annuals to pick up for a pot on the deck or in a basket.

5. Since it is April, Minnesotans, please put away all Christmas lights, withered wreaths, and snowman decorations.

6. Television favorites in our home at the moment: Transformers Prime and Wild Kratts, still. The grown-ups loved House of Cards, and I have approximately 5 episodes of Grey's Anatomy to catch up on, since the man of the house has given it up.

7. Mmmmm, pinto beans are brewing in the crockpot with some garlic, salt, chili powder, a sliced jalapeno, and the ham bone from Easter. Cover all that with a combination of water and broth and you have an easy meal. One of our favorites.

8. Thank goodness the snow days are numbered, as my children's snowpants have seen better days and are not exactly waterproof anymore.

9. Just finished Code Name Verity which was a good read, although weeding through all the plane jargon made the reading a bit fragmented for me.

10. I am a bit obsessed with grapefruits of late. This has been revolutionary as an end of winter fruit, before we get much summer produce. Obsessed, as in looking forward to eating another one and I probably just had one.

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Megan said...

He will be a great BEAR with whatever he wears. I love that.