Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Let's start this off by getting some things down for posterity. Today is Tuesday, April 23, 2013, and this morning we woke up to a winter wonderland - snow covered trees, crisp sunshine and blue skies, the stuff you dream about in the actual winter, because it was beautiful and warm enough to enjoy it.

2. In Alla's second grade class they are learning how to read a few paragraphs in such a way that they are pulling out the critical information. So, reader, go back to #1 and pull out the critical information. Can't see it? No? OK, I'll tell you: Today is Tuesday, April 23, 2013.

3. I wish I could tell you those were gorgeous flower buds on our tree. But look closer. It's snow.

4. At least I had my little shoveler out there. I refused. Not.shoveling.any.more.

5. Fisher almost always gets a cold this week, right before Alla's birthday. I have memories of Alla's fifth birthday party, rainbow-themed, and my dear friend Jody holding him the whole time, and every single picture of him has those weepy tired eyes and red nose. Oh, please let him be all better before the big birthday weekend. And please let her be spared.

6. One birthday in my childhood my parents were taking me and my best friend Jennifer to Disneyland for my birthday, but that morning I was too sick to go. Even though I have no idea how old I was turning, I remember how very sad I was, and where I was sitting when I had to call her with the bad news.

7. We have a big birthday weekend planned with dinner out, tea with Nana, and rides on Sunday (oh yes the weather is forecasted to be in the upper 70s just FIVE DAYS FROM NOW!). Hence my concerns with #5 and #6.

8. That little boy went to bed super early tonight, so Alla and I got in some quality reading of Despereaux, of which we are nearing the end. Gosh you have to love Kate DiCamillo and everything she has ever written.

9. And, about that little boy, we were busy in March traveling to North Carolina for a Great Killins Family Vacation, but while we were there, he turned FIVE. So, he's five. Five.

10. And, with this post, I have, for the first time ever, crossed off the final thing on my to-do list. For today.

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