Monday, April 13, 2015

Disney pics!

It's funny for people to ask me if we traveled over spring break, and for me then to say, why yes we took the kids to Disney World, because in fact, we took the kids to Florida and had a myriad of lovely experiences, Disney being just one of them. But if I were to say that we went to Florida, the exact next question would be, Did you go to Disney World? So in fact I'm just cutting to the chase.

These are the pictures from our one day at the Magic Kingdom, which was, in parts, magical, and long, very very very long. But really great, and memorable.

I'll have to put this one up again, because I love the early pink sky and because it's part of the story. I still can't believe that when we got on ferry to head over to the Magic Kingdom at approximately 7:32am, on the bench right next to us sat another family from our school!

Because we arrived so early, we got to do quite a bit, including taking a few pictures without hoards of other people in them!

The last time Alla was at Disneyland, she was three and a half, and we basically waited several hours to meet princesses and then that's all she wanted to do the rest of the day. We did a good job waiting til she was much older to go again, when her interests had broadened a bit. We did see Tiana, though, on our way to It's a Small World.

We escaped to Tom Sawyer island with our cooler for lunch on an open picnic table (imagine!), and I believe Alla will tell you this was her favorite part of the day, feeding this very friendly squirrel. Anyone who knows my daughter is not one bit surprised by this.

We were so excited to find out that a Mickey Bar is safe for Fisher! So he got busy eating his the proper way, and his sister tried to eat all the chocolate bit first, and discovered that when it's 85 degrees that isn't the best plan.

The Killins family consensus for favorite ride? The People Mover. Actually I've always loved that one, but was happy to see my people love it too.

Lest you think we didn't tackle the big stuff, though, we did, and here we are heading into Space Mountain with our 8:00 Fast Passes.

At some point you just figure, you've been up since six, you got there for Rope Drop, you made it through the warmest part of the day, Disney made a special Fisher-safe meal, and it's going to take awhile to get back to Main Street and monorail back to the car, etc., so we just kind of made a decision to stay, why not, and make an entire long day out of it and see the fireworks. But after that we hightailed it out and just crossed our fingers that the kids could keep up.

That was our magical day! But, no, we didn't want to go to anymore theme parks after that. We're good.

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