Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ten on Tuesday.

1. It's birthday week around here. At the end of this week, I'll have a ten year old. Dear.

2. It's also allergy time. Poor Fisher wakes up sneezing, and my eyelids have become actual sandpaper. I can only hope when the darn trees finish blooming we'll be out of our misery.

3. We watched two movies this weekend. On Friday night with Ron out at an Air Force banquet, the kids and I watched Maidentrip, which we all gave 5 stars. It took two nights for Ron and I to get through Boyhood, which was much longer than we thought. Verdict? 4/5 stars from me, and only 2.75/5 for Ron. Not enough plot for him.

4. I am thoroughly enjoying the new Penderwicks book! Highly recommend.

5. Saw the Okee Dokees this weekend in concert with the Minnesota Orchestra! We asked the kids afterward if the orchestration enhanced their music. Fisher decided he likes it better stripped down, just the banjo and guitar, and there is definitely some truth to that. It was very beautiful, and full, and so very cool to hear all of those instruments playing together the tunes we love. But we also remember when it was just those two guys, a rudimentary sound system, and Jed on a lucky day, in our local library.

6. Ron built me a fresh new garden bed this weekend. It is beautiful.

7. The week ahead looks cool, as in, maybe not planting anything in that lovely new bed just yet. And also as in, it is a bummer to run in 40 degrees after a whole week running in 60s and 70s.

8. We made Sunbutter Blondies this weekend - truly delicious, easy Friday evening treat.

9. Here's a great little arm workout.

10. We are the appetizer stop on our neighbor friend progressive dinner this weekend. Any great ideas? Ron suggests artichoke dip, Alla wants chips and guacamole, and Fisher will eat anything that's safe for him.

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