Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Ever have one of those days where you feel like you have just done nothing?

2. I have at least made a fresh batch of granola this morning, and organized the pictures I've just dumped from my camera.

3. We are very nearly out of wine.

4. I am seeing a pair of robins flitting about and hunting around for, we hope, their old nesting spot under the deck. They left this lovely one last year and we're hoping the next ones will be just as industrious.

5. Over the lovely Easter weekend Ron and I got to go out for a nice dinner at a two person table where he had a lobster grilled cheese with a fried egg on top, and I had a massive arugula salad with wild boar hot link. I mean, just getting down all those scrumptious words for posterity. Thanks Nana + Pappi for taking care of the kiddos!

6. We even saw Furious 7 after! I mean, so adventurous and hip staying up past midnight.

7. This afternoon is my volunteer time in Fisher's classroom.

8. Tonight's dinner = tacos and black beans leftover from last night.

9. Finished Everything I Never Told You, which was worthwhile, and I've moved on to Fish in a Tree.

10. Spring is here, I hear, but it's not super evident, and I'm very bundled up. I would like my book and a hot cup of tea, but alas I have to leave the house (see #7). Here's hoping it's colorful where you are!

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