Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ten on Tuesday.

1. It happened. My little girl turned TEN. She declared herself a 'Tween, for heavensakes.

2. The weather. Oh, when you see that gorgeous string of days that all stay above 60 you just sing out.

3. Fisher broke a finger over the weekend, just being a boy, rockin' out with other friends at our Saturday night progressive dinner. Puts a damper on baseball, and he is nothing short of crushed about that. But he'll be back at it soon.

4. In the meantime lots of soccer and kickball are happening, and he's holding that bandaged hand up like a frickin ridiculous T-Rex.

5. This is the big Annie week! Friends, if you're local, Alla is playing Grace Farrell in her school musical. We'll be at it all weekend. Well, not Sunday, that will be rest day.

6. Question of the day from Fisher: "When can we grill hot dogs?"

7. Still working on The Penderwicks, and sadly am coming to the end of it. I have two books sitting on my nightstand that I'm really looking forward to, but I'm not ready to let go of the Penderwick family just yet.

8. Oh trees, just finish up already, my eyes are just not good.

9. I just loved seeing Alla open her gifts this year, and it really seems like people know her. She got lots of crafty stuff, and books, and clothes, and just really thoughtful things. I'm loving seeing her get a few minutes each day (it's Annie week, did I mention, and also there's orchestra and track at the moment) to craft with new things.

10. Today on my run I saw a mama duck walking across a lawn with what seemed like at least ten teensy ducklings. I just wanted to scoop them all up, so sweet were they!

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