Friday, April 17, 2015

Florida vacation: The rest.

I mentioned that we spent one day at the Magic Kingdom and that was it. Would the kids have gone back? Probably after a day of rest, though Fisher would have been happy to spend fifty cents a game on air hockey.

So what does a Florida vacation look like if you're not filling it up with theme parks? Like this.

We visited Lake Eola, where a small island in its center houses hundred of birds, most of them my favorite egrets!

On the bank of the lake there are pairs of swans everywhere, nesting. You can see how this was a dream for Alla.

We took in an Astros v. Nationals game at my brother's old stomping grounds.

After an entire winter without baseball, Fisher just loved this surprise.

We spent a day in the Atlantic at Cocoa Beach.

We stopped by Ron Jon, salty as heck ourselves.

There were lots of hours spent in the pool.

Lots of time spent on the balcony.

And in the end, four peely faces, happy, warm, and full of vitamin D.

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