Friday, March 03, 2006

Flashback Friday: Seaport Village 1995

Heather and I met in 1994, the summer after high school graduation. I was teaching dance for Rancho Cucamonga Parks & Rec, and she was a site supervisor, so she was always around when I was teaching, and often I'd have an hour in between classes, so we got to know each other.

Then she went to Cal State Fullerton, and I went to the University of San Diego. (To become a marine biologist.)

This photo was taken at Seaport Village in San Diego on April 1, 1995, when she came down to visit one weekend.

The following year I left USD (after getting a D in biology and realizing that might not be my calling), and headed up to good ol' Cal State Fullerton. I was only going to stay for a year til I could go to a UC school (I guess Cal State sounded like downgrading from private big bucks university). Heather said, "You might like it."

Sure enough, three years later, I graduated from CSUF with a BA in Dance and headed off to follow my dancing dreams.

Fast forward to today. Heather has a newborn, and I have little Alla.

Lots of time elapsed in there...maybe I will have to catch you all up on the little details of my life via these Flashback Fridays. Ah, but that will require more digging through photos.


Susie said...

I am breaking my own nighttime blogging rule just so I can say I was in Seaport Village in 1995 with my girlfriend. I wonder if we saw each other!

Heather said...

oh my gosh.... I used to me so skinny! This photo brings back good memories - thanks for including me in your Flashback Friday!