Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Weekend Update.

Had a lovely weekend...let's recap.

Friday was rainy. Since we get so little of the wet stuff here in SoCal, it was cozy. Too bad Alla doesn't yet realize the joy of staying in your pj's in bed on rainy days.

She adores looking out the window...
And why she loves playing on the couch...she loves to eat the doorknob. Weirdo.Took her to the swings on the beach...I mean is there any more perfect swingset than one ON THE BEACH? Lucky baby.

Nana & Pappi were visiting for the weekend, so she got to demonstrate her mad love of Peekaboo in all shapes and forms. Here, behind a good ol' TJ's bag.

Where's your tongue? She loves that she knows the answer.
And lately she loves books. Well you have to in this family, but lately she really likes to sit down and be read to. She must be my daughter.

Hope all this gives you your Alla fix!


tara said...

no way! i could look at her all day long and still want to see more photos! she is adorable! love the doorknob one LOL!

Susie said...

yes, one lucky babe to be on the swing at the beach! I spy little softy blocks in the background- Ashleigh loves hers. Andy stacks, she gives them a whack!

Samantha said...

J.J.! THAT HAIR! Unbelievable.

Elizabeth said...

That beach swing looks so much fun. I want one.

I love seeing all the Alla photos! : )