Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I know it's already Wednesday, but I'm letting you all know what a lovely weekend we had.

Started off with a postcard from Nana & Pappi on Friday. Boy you'd have thought Mickey Mouse himself brought it to her the way her eyes lit up when we took it out of the mailbox. Or that she can read and therefore knew it was addressed to her. You take your pick.

On Saturday Gramma & Grampa came down to visit and we took Miss Alla to the park. Wasn't too warm, but Alla didn't mind.

Sunday Alla turned 11 months. Sigh. Double sigh. We took her to the beach for her photo session, and those will be posted later - so so gorgeous this month. We let her play in the sand afterward. So much fun.

Me and my girl.


julie said...

DANG Alla just keeps getting CUTER and CUTER! That hairdo of hers, well, I'm jealous! LOL Love that beach picture! Isn't it fun when the littlest things make them happy? :) Mine still get giddy over mail. LOL

Marie said...

oh she is just so beautiful!!!

Susie said...

You TWO are just beautiful together. Love that you have captured some of these moments, J.

erin said...

love the beach shots. where do you get her adorable hair pieces? I think we're headed towards needing some hair candy as well!