Friday, March 10, 2006

Flashback Friday: Songleader 1991-92

I went to Pomona Catholic High School, an all-girls school. So pep rallies on Fridays weren't done in front of a thousand kids, girls and boys, in honor of the big football game that night. I think they were just done so we could have a Cheer and Song team, and to try to keep up morale in those dreary halls.

Here I am on stage one Friday I presume, in my sophomore year, gettin' down with my bad self.

How about the yearbook staff taking good ol' black and whites back then? Good on them. So classic.


Susie said...

Love this, J. I didn't know you were a songleader- you could be on your freshmen year? Our school only allowed songleaders during their junior and senior years. Did Chino High play against PC? I wonder if I saw you back then and didn't know it?!

mari said...

this is so awesome! brings back memories of my own hi school years!

Elizabeth said...

Though I don't exactly know what songleaders are, and from Susie's comment, I can tell they must be something important. (This is a band kid speaking here, heh heh) So good for you : )

Our yearbook people did black and white too... both where I went to school and when I was teaching... even developed their own photos in the darkroom. I can't imagine how different yearbook must be with digital!!