Thursday, March 02, 2006

New photo album.

I used a different photo service this month in the hopes that I could stack coupons and the order would come out essentially free, but fat chance, right? Nothing is free in this world. But after all that uploading and ordering I was not going to switch back. So for one month, and probably one month only, you can view Alla's latest photographs by using this link. Once again, I'm pretty sure you will have to sign up for a Photoworks account to view them.


erin said...

bummer...I couldn't see the pictures. Is anyone else having trouble? I LOVE to see Alla inspires me for Sarah's! Which reminds me, would you send me a few of Alla's 4 months shots? I'm having trouble with Sarah's because she's not sitting up yet but she refuses to be on her tummy (she rolls off of it quickly) and laying down just isn't flattering anymore. Thanks friend! Miss you! Erin

mari said...

gosh that girl is just the "adorablest"! she is growing into such a cute cutie!