Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A new view.

The saucer isn't usually in the living room. It's permanent bathroom furniture now, a safe place for a mobile baby when Mommy has to take a shower and Daddy's at work, or Daddy has to take a shower and Mommy is getting a few more winks.

But today it was, to keep Alla a safe distance from Baby Kelsea during her two month photo shoot.

Alla thought it would be way more fun to climb under it than it is to sit in it like usual.

What a great view under here!

I would love to be in her head, to know exactly what she was thinking here, why she finally decided it would be okay to let go of her cup.


erin said...

Wow! She's so MOBILE! While this comes as no surprise to you it's still crazy to see. Sarah starting to enjoy her saucer but she's still wobbly and teetery in it. So neat to see Alla acting like a big girl! Love it!

Susie said...

And where are the photos of the two-month photo shoot so I cn drool over more J.J. Killins Photography skills??

(And since you care...Ashy has the same sippy cup, too!)

Anonymous said...

I think the people who invented the saucers were geniuses. The children never tire of them. I have lots of photos of the both Mazie and Jamie exploring the underside of the their saucer. Great pix!