Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dads, Grads, Friends & Goodbye for now.

In no particular order come these photos, as I sit here and eat kettle korn from the Redondo Beach Farmer's Market. There's an ocean breeze. I miss here already.

Mom and Bob were in town this weekend for Ron's very special graduation, so they accompanied us to this wonderful gathering of friends hosted by The Stahr's.

Aren't group photos fabulous? (Sorry some of you left before we could organize this!)

Cathy, me and Katie...Sara, we're just missing YOU.

Let me just state right here that Alla will be a mess in ALL of these pictures. She is teething and has a cold, so that just means one giant mess for us. I can only hope her disposition improves before we land in Colorado next weekend!

Ron took this one of the Laughrey's, and while they said it was most unoriginal, I have to say it's rather lovely and sweet.

Earlier in the week we were visited by the Shertzer's, en route to another part of the world. They delivered the most wonderful news to us: they're pregnant!

Yes, the sign says let there be light and after yesterday's graduation, there is. No more group meetings, late nights, conference calls, chapters to read, papers to write. He's done. A graduate once again.

And, as you can see, all worth it.

This morning while taking Miss Kelsea's five month shots, Katie snapped this one of our little family. And thank goodness, cause I hear there's no beach in Minnesota.


Susie said...

Geez J.J., why didn't you warn me to grab a kleenux before reading through (or just looking at your photos!)??!

Congrats to Rich and Amy- yippee!

And huge congratulations to Ron and YOU for the MBA and support and all the stuff you had to get through to be here.

And now you're going there... sheesh. If I could hold up a champagne glass, I would say, "Here's to new adventures" :) Cheers!

Megan said...

Congrats to the Shertzers! Welome to parenthood. Way to go Ron. We had a really nice time tonight. It was great having everyone together. BTW, I need a copy of that group photo!

A.K. said...

Wow- what great pictures! Congrats on the graduation and good luck with the move! I just figured out we now have another connection besides the pigbear- my boyfriend is the little brother of Gary Alexander (who went to the AFA and knows Katie Love- now Katie Loughrey)... she looked so familiar from your blog and now i figured it out! My bf is in ROTC at Virginia Tech- graduating next year and just got his pilot slot- but its soo nice to see blogs like this that show how close AF friendship are- makes me excited!!!

Amanda Cowan said...

We're all going to be missing you here in Cali...such sweet pictures! You obviously have a wonderful close group of friends there, lucky girls. Can't wait to follow along with your experience as you move..

Megan's Mom said...

Tissues are in order, I do believe!!!!Congratulations to Ron! Hard work has it's pay-offs as you know. Good luck as you start a new chapter of your journey. By the looks of it you had quite the support group. What a great group picture!...I hope ALL of the dad's had a GREAT Father's Day!

Tasha said...

I'm loving those photos. Gosh JJ, The last I saw you was what ?? I think we were both about 7-8 months pregnant! We NEVER saw each other or talked to each other or anything like that, and you've got me really missing you, LOL. You have truly cherished and preserved your California memories. It's only a plane ride away...