Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Oh I Had a Good Day...With You.

Another dancing video. I swear the girl just can't get enough gettin' down. This time to a Blues Clues toy "radio" she got for her birthday. She loves it. Unfortunately it only plays 4 little songs that Ron and I then sing all day long. Hence the title above. Part of one of these songs. What other snippets do we go around singing in our heads all day?

"It was a way great playdate with you"


"I like to dance and I like to sing, boogie woogie woogie, baby, that's my thing"

We did have a good day, as my title would suggest. Alla is napping like crap, but what are you gonna do. We had two playdates today...first Sara and Adam came over and we walked the kiddies to the pier in Al's wagon so Sara and I could get burgers and fries, then they semi ate lunch and got to swing!

After Al's pretend nap (that's what I'm calling them these days - 40 minutes is NOT enough sleep for one day, thank you very much), Ron surprised us by coming home early and we rolled Alla back to the park to meet Mazie and Jamie!

Oh, how we are going to miss all of you, friends. And June Gloom, of course...


Susie said...

Blech, June Gloom. Did you know that San Diego has something called May Grey, too. Yep, we've been having a bout of crummy weather for two months (minus the hottest part of the year being last week).

One more complaint since you opened the can? Ash is waking up TOO early- hello- what happeend to my baby that slept till 9AM? Nope, 6AM these days. Pfft.

And just so I end on a happy note--where's you dancing to the boogie woogie??

Megan said...

We will miss you too. It was a nice surprise to us to have Ron at our little playdate too! Regardless of the gloom, the girls had fun.

Amanda Cowan said...

Weird about the gloom.. I was surprised to come back to SJ in May and have sunny weather ever since! Feels like home (Phoenix) but, you know, about 30 degrees cooler.

I have to agree wtih Susie on the 6am thing. I miss those 9am days..on the other hand though, Grace is a champ of a napper these days.. so I should zip it.

You guys getting ready for the move??

Tasha said...

SOOOO, cute. Loove the video and the pics. That was a good day!!!! I agree, 40 minutes is no good.

Megan's Mom said...

JJ,Ron,and Ala....You have the most beautiful little girl....I am really sorry I won't get to see you before you move, however, I do intend to keep an eye on your "blog site" so keep up the good work and have a safe and happy move!....I really hate then, until we meet again!