Monday, June 05, 2006

Plethora of pictures.

We are enjoying our every last minute here in California. Seems like all too soon we'll be gone. Two more weekends. Just two more. I just want to see one more beach sunset, but it's not looking good, since Alla's going to bed before then.

I'm going to share our weekend with you here...

These two are of our big girl in her pigtails. Have you ever seen anything cuter? And thank you Aubrey for the adorable outfit!

On Saturday Ron had a group meeting up at UCLA, so Alla and I drove a couple miles to Hermosa Beach for our run along the strand. There are swings on the beach there, so she got to swing before we got back in the car. Here she's signing "more," cause apparently I was too busy taking her picture and not pushing nearly enough!

And here was her view. Practically professional volleyball players everywhere, and if you squint you can see where they are setting up the stadium for this weekend's AVP games right there on the sand! We plan on biking up there at least once. Cause I'm guessing beach volleyball isn't really happening in Minnesota?

Here she is in the BOB, when we stopped to get the next picture of the 90210 beach house.

And that, my friends, is all for tonight.


Susie said...

You are making me miss the Srand so much! The sign "more" was Sarah's favorite one-- she still uses it sometimes!

Megan said...

Of all those toys, Alla is playing with one of Jelly's. Those are great pictures. Not looking forward to two weeks from now. I think we will all be a little lost!

erin said...

So sorry that you're sad about leaving CA but happy for us because we CANT WAIT for your visit to CO!!

Tasha said...

Awwww lovely california....Don't worry, Cali will miss you just as much as you'll miss it. Besides, it ain't going anywhere... You'll enjoy your new HOME.

Amy said...

Love the pictures and can't wait to see you guys next week. I'm TDY up in Livermore today and I made a stop at In-N-Out and Trader Joe's! I purposely left half my suitcase empty to bring home goodies from TJ's. And it's much better to leave a place with fond memories than "I can't wait to get out of here" memories!